Location: 62 Miles North of Gerlach, NV
at mile 52 Soldier Meadows Rd.

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Located only 3 hours North of Reno, Nevada, the Historic Soldier Meadows Ranch begins at the Black Rock Desert as its Southern tip, then runs North all the way to the Charles Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge. Bordered on the West by the Calico Mountain Range and its East by the Black Rock Mountain Range, Soldier Meadows Ranch contains true desert, hundreds of acres of Natural Meadows, Mountains, Steep Canyons, Rock Formations, several year around streams, along with numerous Hot,Warm, and Ice Cold Crystal Clear Springs. With a mile of frontage on Summit lake, and hundreds of miles of Roads and Trails, It is known to all who visit here as one of the most beautiful and picturesque places in the world... a place to which most visitors return over and over again.


“It truly is a beautiful region of Nevada Wilderness, come and see for yourself.”

Surrounded by designated Wilderness Areas, Soldier Meadows Ranch Headquarters are located at Mud Meadows near the geographic center of the nearly 500,000 acre Cattle Ranch. The historic Lassen Applegate Trail brought hundreds of travelers through the Soldier Meadows Basin in the 1840’s and after. The first Buildings at Ranch Headquarters were constructed by the U.S. Calvary and were known in 1865 as Camp McGarry. 


Soldier Meadows is a family owned working Cattle Ranch and Lodge offering excellent food and comfortable lodging for family vacations, peaceful get aways, exploration, rock hounding, wildlife and wildflower viewing. It is also a favorite year around base camp and refuge for private airplane pilots, mountain bikers, motorcyclists, ATV and OHV enthusiasts and for hunters in fall and winter.


Due to the abundant natural resources, historical trails and other fascinating subjects, our area recently became the core of the Black Rock Desert/High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area. The rich history and natural resources of this area captured the attention of lawmakers in Washington D.C. and they decided to reserve over 1.2 million acres surrounding our Ranch. It truly is a beautiful region of Nevada Wilderness, come and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed.


Ranch Headquarters includes our ten bedroom Main Lodge and Kitchen, a stone house built in the early 50’s on the site of the original U.S. Cavalry officer's quarters, the original Stone Cook House, Rock Stables, a Stone Horse Barn, Equipment Repair Shop, Bunk House, staff housing, other Ranch buildings, and Picnic Area. All buildings and other improvements are surrounded by natural meadows and take advantage of a cooling shade canopy provided by numerous Fruit trees and our many other very tall old trees with lush green lawns beneath. Truly a park-like setting with nearby natural hot springs ...an oasis in the high desert.  In addition we have Parking for self contained RVs,
corrals for horses and cattle, a compacted gravel airstrip and meadows dotted with cows, horses, deer, antelope and a wide variety of birds and other animals come and go. 

Although we have recently installed a state of the art satellite system with computer for internet and e-mail and a satellite telephone emergency communication system too, please don't expect to call home.  We are more than 50 miles from the nearest telephone lines, and cellular sites. Be prepared to enjoy a few days living history. Leave the cares of the modern world behind and enter the historical past.

Soldier Meadows makes a wonderful base camp for explorations. You may chose to hike, mountain bike or by using a Truck, SUV, OHV, ATV, you can 4 wheel drive to reach untold numbers of places rich in our country’s history and yet a majority of this area is untouched by man. Follow the Applegate/Lassen Trail through High Rock Canyon where the wagon wheel ruts are still visible. Dig for opals, find agates, geodes, and petrified wood. Pan for gold, go fishing, climb rocks, and anytime enjoy a soak in ancient Warm Springs which are naturally the temperature of bath water. BUT PLEASE don’t forget to watch the eagles, swim in our nearby swimming hole or watch wildlife and other waterfowl and birds. You hoot at the owls, call the coyotes, or whistle at the horses or do like we do and just relax at the ranch and visit with friends both old and new. The open and expansive beauty of this region and the natural hot/warm springs are enough to enliven but rest and rejuvenate any weary soul!